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Jill Bowers, Behavior Specialist  Performance

Once all of your obedience goals have been met, you can take your dog to the next level with Performance training. The techniques used to train dogs for TV and movies are brought home in this fun program.

Your family will work closely with your trainer to learn and apply the principles of “clicker training.” Think of it as an audible snapshot of your dog’s exact behavior, says “you’ve done it right!” and then positively reinforces the behavior with a reward.

Performance empowers you with the skills and knowledge to rapidly teach your dog many fun tricks and tasks, while strengthening the bond between you and your pet. While using clicker training, you’ll also be introduced to targeting, shaping and chaining (linking desired behavior). This is the method used with many of your favorite showbiz dog!

Realize your dog’s potential, as your pet benefits from the challenges of lifelong learning. With Performance training and your dedication, you can expect miracles! If your idea of a miracle is a dog who will fetch you a cold one on command, that is!