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Enlighten-mutt for a dog is being a dog, without the undesired behavior.  He relaxes and sleeps while people visit for he’s not threatened or scared.  He bathes himself and chews on a bone, his guard is completely down.  He walks right beside you on a leash or off, there’s no confusion of who the leader is.  He runs around energetically with joy, he is secure in his pack. He sleeps when nobody is home knowing you’ll be back. He loves to train and work for food, it’s a game for him.  He gets excited for the small stuff and works hard to get what he wants.  He respects your space and will happily accept attention when you’re ready to give it.  He doesn’t have anxiety or stress, peace is in his moments.  He gets along with other dogs, he wants to play or just be. His fears are gone and he loves all things, his angel is now communicating.

Thank Dog is the soul-ution for you and your dog’s happiness.  We’ll put an individual program together that will bring your little angel to light, while your doggy communication is learned for a lifelong and loving companionship.

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We now have a one of a kind group class which is featured in an upcoming episode of the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millans new dog training book, his website and finally, Cesar's Way magazine:

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