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Basic Obedience: Not So Basic

Are you just getting started with training your dog? Or have you taught some basic commands but you’re wondering how that translates into a well-mannered family member? What about handling all of the distractions that life has to offer? These concepts are really not so basic but this is what most people want for their pet dogs. Much more than just a set of commands.

Our dogs don’t come to us knowing how to function in our human world. We must teach them what our expectations are, what being mannerly looks like and how to exert impulse control. The backbone of our teaching is effective communication. To effectively communicate with a dog, we must also be able to think like a dog. We will help you with both of these things and much more.


When it comes to teaching you and your dog new skills, we follow an introduce-improve-perfect model. In training terms, that’s the equivalent of teach-test-proof. Regardless of your dog’s training foundation, we start you in a teaching phase, focused on setting you and your dog up for success with the new concepts we’re introducing. There is almost always a requirement for the humans to create some new habits and break some old ones during this phase. We gradually introduce the 3 Ds – distraction, duration and distance – as we move towards mastery of the things that YOU define as objectives for your training program.

Our training, both In-Home and Board and Train, is reward-based meaning we always seek to motivate your dog to want to learn and participate in training. Training is an enriching extension of the relationship between the dog and his owner. We will provide you with the knowledge and skills to achieve this level of interaction and to maintain it.

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“We have tried training before, but nothing compares to the experience we are having with Noelle, our trainer. Noelle has been with us every step of the way - checking in constantly and visiting our home throughout the process. The care we receive is so personalized and the advice is very actionable. We are very pleased and would highly recommend Thank Dog Training.” Read More...


A 5-Star Facebook Review

“Noelle is so patient and kind with us and with our dog who is aggressive towards people. She has given us great building blocks to work with Prunella. She even lets me text her all the time for quick advice points when we have tough days. Can't say enough about what a great process this has been in a tough situation. She understands that this is a process for the humans as well as for the dog. We just love her and everything that she has done to help us and our little Prune :-)” Read More...


A 5-Star Facebook Review

“Awesome training! Thanks, Noelle. You have gone above and beyond so many times! You took the time to talk with us after training was long over without a second thought. Your guidance has been invaluable. Sarah said she wants to do the dog boot camp training again. She said she had a great time. Thanks again for all that you do!” Read More...


A 5-Star Facebook Review

“Noelle is currently training me .. Oh and Freida. Noelle is so kind and patient. She comes prepared for whatever curve ball Freida gives her. I would highly recommend her on all levels. Noelle is training Freida for a service dog.” Read More...


A 5-Star Facebook Review

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Canine Training in Nashville can be a fun activity, not one you have to avoid. Dog obedience is easier to achieve than you would think. If you are looking for the right dog trainer for your Nashville pup, please give me a call! 

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