• General house manners and listening
  • Over-excitability or reactivity, on the leash or off
  • Aggression, fears, and phobias
  • Desensitization to and socialization with other dogs
  • Improving the relationship between you and your dog
  • Looking for more than "basic obedience"
  • Interested in what makes your dog "tick"
  • Willing and ready to put in the work
  • Open-minded and teachable
  • Dedicated to and slightly obsessed with your dog

Addressing COVID-19

Thank Dog! Training is committed to continuing to help dog owners build better relationships with their dogs, at a time when some need it more than ever. We have introduced live video technology into our programs to minimize contact with those at high risk. We continue to follow the strictest of guidelines for the safety of oursleves and anyone we come in contact with.


Keep calm, safe and healthy and train on!

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