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Thank Dog! Training doesn't believe in sending your dog away for training. Not only does the dog suffer from major anxiety, but they are stuck in a cage for most of the day. Regardless, in most cases, we believe that behavioral problems stem from the home, therefore, the training should take place in the home. We designed this program because not only will the dog feel confident in his/her own environment to train successfully, he/she will learn the rules and boundaries within the household, while leaving the owner feeling good and confident to take over when we leave.


What owners don't realize is dogs need to be trained anytime their environment changes. Many of our clients come from people who send their dog away because either the dog wasn't trained in the environment where the problem originally started or the owner wasn't trained enough to keep it up. After all, dogs are just like children and need consistent follow-through as they will always challenge if the leadership role is not established. Most “send your dog away” K9 training camps offer follow up lessons in their own facility which is still not in the dogs environment. Or, they will do follow up lessons at home, however, don’t give you a set routine to follow, easing your dog back into the home environment. Therefore, the training soon goes to waste, a ton of money is spent and the problems are still not resolved. That's not okay with us! “Staying while Training” includes 3 follow-up in-home private lessons to ensure success.

Training & You
To ensure that you can continue your dog’s skill learning at home and in the appropriate situations, we go over every lesson with you personally. To put it simply… We train you to train your dog. If there’s one thing that works for a dog’s behavior learning, it’s consistency. Consistency is key. Therefore, we cannot guarantee results from our training sessions unless you are also doing your part. Be sure to continue to utilize the training we provide you and your dog with, allowing all of the proper commands and understanding to fully click with your dog. Thank Dog! will happily follow up at no extra charge if you are following the plan and still encounter problems. Some dogs need more time. We will gladly work with you and your dog to provide a great level of training.

Our Method
At Thank Dog! training, we believe the best training is completed when you and your dog share motivation and communication.

If your dog views you as their greatest reward, then 70% of the training process is resolved. If your dog cherishes being with you and pleasing you more than anything else in the world, then you have already established a very strong motivation. This connection between you and your dog must be learned and maintained.

The remaining 30% of the training process involves you learning a new language. Learning the right signals and cues for your individual dog takes a lot of practice. If your dog is confused about what you want, there's no way either of you can win. Our trainers will work with you to discover the signals and cues that your dog responds to.


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“We have tried training before, but nothing compares to the experience we are having with Noelle, our trainer. Noelle has been with us every step of the way - checking in constantly and visiting our home throughout the process. The care we receive is so personalized and the advice is very actionable. We are very pleased and would highly recommend Thank Dog Training.” Read More...


A 5-Star Facebook Review

“Noelle is so patient and kind with us and with our dog who is aggressive towards people. She has given us great building blocks to work with Prunella. She even lets me text her all the time for quick advice points when we have tough days. Can't say enough about what a great process this has been in a tough situation. She understands that this is a process for the humans as well as for the dog. We just love her and everything that she has done to help us and our little Prune :-)” Read More...


A 5-Star Facebook Review

“Awesome training! Thanks, Noelle. You have gone above and beyond so many times! You took the time to talk with us after training was long over without a second thought. Your guidance has been invaluable. Sarah said she wants to do the dog boot camp training again. She said she had a great time. Thanks again for all that you do!” Read More...


A 5-Star Facebook Review

“Noelle is currently training me .. Oh and Freida. Noelle is so kind and patient. She comes prepared for whatever curve ball Freida gives her. I would highly recommend her on all levels. Noelle is training Freida for a service dog.” Read More...


A 5-Star Facebook Review

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Need help with your pet? You've come to the right place. Obedience training is just around the corner with Noelle.

Nashville is a great place for dogs. Noelle will help guide your dog through all the appropriate obedience training needed to bring your confidence level up. She will listen to your thoughts and help you create a training plan. No dog must be left behind. We even train puppies. Start them young and watch their lifespan flourish because of obedience training. Each lesson is customized from start to finish. Call us for a discussion about your pet's needs.

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